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Function on the morning after TKR surgery

New advances in anesthesia, nerve blocks, and minimally invasive surgical techniques demonstrate how quickly patients can return to normalcy after the procedure. Here are videos of GA, on the morning after her total knee replacement.

She is able to walk unassisted, fully extend and bend her knee, and demonstrate good balance! Please note that individual recoveries may vary greatly and may not be representative of all patients.

Balance after Total Knee Replacement

SLR after Total Knee Replacement

Walking after Total Knee Replacement

Retired Nurse Anne Del Gaudio shares her total knee replacement experience with Dr. Su

Diving Right In

Anne Del Gaudio came from Florida to HSS for knee replacement

Edwin P. Su, MD, a specialist in knee and hip replacement surgery, explains the benefi ts of an artificial joint.

World traveler Anne Del Gaudio suffers from what she refers to as “vicious, genetic arthritis.” She tried every non-invasive way that she could to address the chronic nagging pain in her knees. It was a trip to France with her daughter that fi nally left her in inescapable, debilitating pain. “I did the physical therapy, shots, and everything else again, but nothing worked,” recalls Ms. Del Gaudio.

By the end of the summer of 2011, when she decided it was time to have her knee replaced, she knew exactly what to do. A veteran registered OR nurse, she explained, “Having worked with surgeons every day, I became very familiar with the art and the science of surgery. I recognized what was desirable to me in choosing the institution and the surgeon.

I’ve always considered HSS a world-class hospital worth traveling to,” says Ms. Del Gaudio.

Having decided to come to HSS from her Palm Beach, Florida home for her surgery, she set about fi nding the best surgeon for the job. “My journey began by going online to the HSS website. With my training and experience as an OR nurse, I knew I wanted someone who does these procedures so routinely that they can almost do them with their eyes closed!”

As part of her regimen to stay active, Anne Del Gaudio spends at least an hour a day doing aquatic therapy.

After her thorough vetting process, she chose Edwin P. Su, MD. She fl ew to New York and met Dr. Su and his physician assistant in November 2011. “The two of them are terrifi c. After speaking to the both of them I made the decision, right on the spot, to have them give me the next operative date. That date was December 5th.”

“Ms. Del Gaudio had a total knee replacement of her left knee,” explains Dr. Su. “It’s a tough recovery that requires a lot of hard work on the part of the patient. It was a privilege to take care of a fellow medical professional, especially somebody who knows the ins and outs of surgery.”

When the anesthesiologist offered her the opportunity to watch part of her surgery, she readily accepted. “The level of skill that Edwin Su has is truly remarkable,” says Ms. Del Gaudio. “When you’re watching people who are really skilled, it’s breathtaking to see. And the result was extraordinary. I have my life back now.”