Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for total knee replacement refers to the technique of performing the procedure through a smaller incision, as well as handling the tissues as gently as possible. The work done to replace the knee with an artificial implant (sawing, cutting, and preparing the bone) is similar to the way it has always been done, but the instruments used to do so are more streamlined, allowing surgeons to perform the operation through a smaller incision.

Whereas the old incisions for TKR used to be 9-12″ long, the current incisions are about half that length, depending upon the size of your knee. Also, the soft tissues are handled more gently, avoiding undue stress upon them, resulting in less pain postoperatively.

Dr. Su has been performing minimally invasive (MIS) total knee replacement since 2003, and uses this technique for all of the knee replacements he performs.

Furthermore, Dr. Su continues to innovate with new techniques such as computer navigation to improve precision of the surgery, and fibrin sealants to reduce swelling and blood loss. Finally, he has pioneered the use of a cryopneumatic device after total knee replacement, which decreases pain after the procedure.