Edwin P. SU, MD

Dr. Edwin P. Su, MD
Dr. Edwin P. Su, MD

Hip and knee replacement surgery are two of the most successful operations ever invented, relieving pain and improving mobility…I feel incredibly privileged to be able to perform these procedures day in and day out, changing the lives of every single patient upon whom I operate!

I have now performed over 10,000 hip and knee surgeries since I began my career in orthopaedic surgery. Every procedure is still fascinating to me, as I strive to reconstruct artificial joints that restore the quality of life for my patients. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to return to your sport, a weekend warrior continuing to compete, or someone trying to play with your kids or grandkids, I will get you back into the game of life!

It gives me tremendous joy to see my patients return to their desired activities and passions. As I continue my practice, my goals are to keep improving the process of joint reconstructive surgery: to make the recovery easier, faster, and less painful; and to increase the performance, function, and longevity of the artificial joint.


  • Associate Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University




  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
  • Fellow, American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS)
  • Member, American Orthopaedic Association (AOA)

Selected Presentations

  • Program committee member and lecturer, “Ceramic-ceramic bearings in THR”; and “Posterior approach for hip resurfacing”, in course: 9th Symposium on Joint Preserving and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Hip, New York, NY June 2011
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing: for the right indications”, in course: Current Concepts in Joint Replacement, Las Vegas, NV May 2011
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing as a triumph of hope over reason (opposes)”; “Challenges in hip surgery: what would you do?”; and “Stiffness after TKR: How to avoid repeat surgery”, in course: Current Concepts in Joint Replacement, Orlando, FL December 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Resurfacing: Who gets it?”; “Metal-on-metal: Is it worth the risk?”, in course: Advances in Trauma and Arthroplasty, Miami, FL December 2010
  • Invited speaker, “The case for conventional total hip replacement without navigation”, in course: Computer Assisted Surgery, New York, NY October 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing: current state in 2010”, HSS Adult Conference, New York, NY October 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing: femoroacetabular impingement and hip resurfacing”; “Thrombogenic markers in hip resurfacing”; “Painful metal reactivity in hip resurfacing”, European Hip Society, Athens, Greece September 2010
  • Invited speaker, “What I have learned in hip resurfacing”; “Effect of the media on hip resurfacing”, in course: Advanced Resurfacing Congress, 4th annual meeting, Ghent, Belgium June 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Is there still a role for hip resurfacing in 2010?”, Mount Sinai Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds, New York, NY June 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Conversion of a failed hip resurfacing to total hip replacement – a live surgical demonstration”, in course: Current Concepts in Joint Replacement, Las Vegas, NV May 2011
  • Course chairman and speaker, “Hip Resurfacing for osteonecrosis – a live surgical demonstration”; “Vascularity of the femoral head”; “Importance of acetabular positioning”; “Results of conversion surgery”; “Difficult cases in hip resurfacing”, in course: Advanced Topics in Hip Resurfacing, New York, NY May 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing: indications, surgical technique, and results”, Lenox Hill Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Grand Rounds, New York, NY March 2010
  • Invited speaker, “The use of imaging in a hip and knee arthroplasty practice”, HSS Radiology Grand Rounds, New York, NY February 2010
  • Invited speaker, “Conversion of a failed hip resurfacing: ensuring an optimal THR outcome”; “Stiffness after TKR: avoiding further surgery”; “Management of acetabular osteolysis”, in course: Current Concepts in Joint Replacement, Orlando, FL December 2009
  • Invited speaker, “Hip resurfacing: indications and results”; “Treatment of the unstable THR”; “Alternative bearings in THR”; “Uncemented TKR revision”, Argentine Hip and Knee Society Annual Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina September 2009


  • BA, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
  • MD, Cornell Medical College, New York, New York, US


  • New York Presbyterian Hospital, General Surgery, New York, US


  • Hospital for Special Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, New York, US


  • Hospital for Special Surgery, Adult Reconstruction, New York, US

Edwin P. Su, MD is the author of the following articles on HSS.edu:


For Professionals

Special Expertise

  • Treatment of hip and knee arthritis in young, active patients
  • Mini-incision total hip replacement
  • Minimally invasive total knee replacement
  • Surface replacement of the hip
  • Revision hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Partial knee replacement


  • Jean C. McDaniel Award for Graduating Orthopaedic Resident
  • Alpha Omega Alpha, Cornell Medical College
  • T. Campbell Thompson Award in Orthopaedic Surgery, Cornell Medical College
  • Clarence Coryell Award in Surgery, Cornell Medical College
  • Magna Cum Laude with Highest Honors, in Biology, Harvard University


  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Candidate Member

Selected Publications

  • Hayter CL, Potter HG, and Su EP. Imaging of Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing. Ortho Clin North Am. 2011, 42(2): 195-205.
  • Chalmers P, Sherman S, Figgie MP, and Su EP. Rheumatoid Synovectomy: Does the Surgical Approach Matter? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2011, published online first Jan 7, 2011
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